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The Dolorosa Fellowship is a completely independent fraternity. We are not associated with, and take no teachings from other fraternities or fraternal systems. The very foundation of Dolorosa rests on being seperate from the established options, and as such, Dolorosa functions as a complete alternative. We have created, and continue to create, our own system of fraternal teachings, ranks, honors and principles, called the Dolorosian Craft


One of our greatest distinctions to other fraternities is our lodge buildings - We don't have any. In the case of most, if not all established lodges and fraternities, they have a singular meeting place which is either owned or rented by the lodge. When two or more Painmen are together, and the conditions for a lodge setting is met, any place can become a Dolorosa lodge. We refer to it internally as a Tabernacle Lodge, since it, like the dwelling place of God used by the Israelites, is portable

This has two distinct advantages; It saves the lodge a lot of money in rent, maintenance fees and property taxes, and it allows one group of Painmen, who may have better access to transportation, to travel to another group of Painmen, allowing for greater flexibility for all members. Additionally, it does not limit members to a specific location, and can allow for the lodge to, for instance, conduct their rituals outside on a nice summers day, or in a rented facility, or in a members home, who might not otherwise have the resources to convert an entire room into a permanent lodge building

Lodges in the Dolorosian Craft are of a more ethereal, or spiritual nature. We believe much more in the human relationships that are formed in fellowship than the grandiose brick and mortar buildings where they may take place


Dolorosa has five distinct degrees which members can rise through. You can read more about the specific degrees under The Five Degrees section. While members are expected to shows decorum and respect to senior members, all members irregardless of rank are expected to show full respect to each other. Senior members are also expected to not use their advanced degrees and titles as a means of claiming superiority over, or being dismissive of junior members based on rank alone


Dolorosa lodges conduct rituals when members ascend through ranks, when new officials are inducted, and when incumbent officials depart from their office. There are also rituals pertaining to the burial of a Painman, the celebration of a Painman becoming a father, Painmen and non-members receiving awards and medals, and new lodges being established