/ F.A.Q.


Is there a membership fee?

A: Short answer is; no. Members who are able and willing are welcome to help finance the operations of the organization, but a member will never be required to pay to maintain their membership status. Honors, degrees and medals are paid for by the organization

Are you Freemasons/Rosicrucians/OTO/Odd Fellows/etc.?

A: No! We are not associated with any fraternal organization, or their craft. Dolorosa as a fraternity takes inspiration from established orders, but we only practice to our own, proprietary craft based on Christianity. You can feel assured that Painmen are not associated with any Western esoteric systems

Can you leave the fraternity?

A: There is no official process of terminating membership. That being the case, if a member expresses their desire to no longer be associated with the group, the Supreme Council will issue a decree of banishment, officially terminating them. Departing members are expected to return items bearing any Dolorosa symbolism, but there will be no active pursuit to reclaim them. If a member is unable to continue being an active part of the fraternity due to illness, handicap, or similar circumstances, they will remain Painmen until their death, and will not be expected to participate in activities

Is Dolorosa a political institution?

A: No. Politics are a personal matter, and we expect members to be respectful of differing views. That being the case, Dolorosa would not accept members with very extreme views, such as National Socialists and Communists

How is Dolorosa structured?

A: Dolorosa follows a structure similar to other fraternities. The Supreme Council is the highest authority, headed by the Supreme Commander, who is the superior officer of all lodges. Individual lodges consisting of a National Commander and regular members are independent in most affairs, but are subject to the ordinances of the Supreme Council