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The International Dolorosa Fellowship, or simply the Dolorosa Fellowship in non-formal contexts, is a Christian fraternity, formed in June 2018 as an alternative to current brotherhood organizations. We function completely independently, and are neither based on, nor subject to any other organization. We pour very few resources into traditional concept associated with fraternity, such as having a physical lodge, physical rituals, etc


One of the main reasons for the establishment of Dolorosa was to provide an alternative. Existing fraternities in the form of lodges, motorcycle clubs and service clubs may be fit for a lot of people, and they have all our respect, but some lack a middle way. A place were tradition, ritual and ideology is important, but where there is also room for casual talk and informal relations with those you call brother. People you can study the Bible with in one instance, and have a beer and barbecue with in another


A big difference in Dolorosa and other accepted fraternities is the concept of being a “secretive” society. Our ranks, morals and finances are fully public upon request, and we hold no esoteric knowledge. Our moral foundation is the Holy Bible, which anyone can read and follow. At no point will you be expected learn and keep secrets, and while your status as a member is not published publicly, you are encouraged to openly share your affiliation, rank and achievements within the organization to any interested parties